My First Car

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My First Car My first car was a beige color Mazda Protégé 2000. I bought it when I started to work in my first job. It sure is a good car; I always tried to maintain a good condition by having the oil changes on time and attending the noises as well. Now my daughter is using it for college. I decided to buy my first car for many reasons, because it do my shopping and my tasks and not depend on other people and sometimes I want to travel for pleasure to other places. The majority of the time I spent too much time waiting for the bus, sometimes I needed to take more than one bus to go to work. With my own car I won’t waste my time at each bus stop. Though the traffic is a bother when I need to get to work because of the rush hour, I usually used to plan more than one hour to go out and be at the bus stop, without counting when I lost the bus. When I finished working I usually had to call someone to pick me up because at that hour usually no buses were on service and the taxi fee was too expensive. When I wanted to go shopping and I bought many things for the week or a month the shopping became a bigger challenge, because carrying those packages was uncomfortable and exhausted. Also I had more time and more options to buy goods visiting different places and on any time than buying in the same store near the bus stop. Since I have my own car I feel more comfortable and secure because if I have an emergency for example, if I need some medicine in midnight or go to a doctor, I just have to go in my car. If I decided to travel just for vacations or pleasure, I just can decide which place to go and don’t matter at what the time. On weekends I like to visit my family and visit different places with them. Sometimes I had to refuse invitations to other activities because I had no transportation. My last travel was a mess in the airport first because the

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