Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield And My First Ball

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her first ball by Katherine Mansfield and my first ball by witi ihimaera. MY FIRST BALL WITI IHIMAERA Tuta is the only maori boy invited to a flash event. he is only invited so that those in charge of running the ball do not look like they are racsict. tuta is having a very lousy time at the ball and he has no friends. his name Is constantly mispronounced so that he is being called ‘mr shit’. he is forced to eat disqusting food in his opinion that he cant even pronounce the names of. this emphasizes the point that Tuta is an outsider and does not belong in this social group or class. eventually though he finds a friend his age who is also having a very lousy time at the ball. the fact that he perseveres and pulls thorugh the really bad situation he shows that every one can pull through a bad situation and find some good out of everything, in this case it was him finding a friend and enjoying the rest of his night.…show more content…
not fitting in, being a outsider, not belonging. repition of tuta referring to all the other guest as ‘them and ‘they’ show that he does not feel like he belongs or that he is at all like them. he also says to his mother ‘its hard to be like them.’ also when he is at the ball he says ‘ I went and found myself a corner and wanted the floor to swallow me up. he is refered to as mr tutae which is in maori literally means mr shit.!!!! a quote that shows he is horiffyed by this saying is, ‘No you got it wrong!’, I whispered horifiyed,’not tutae, that’s a rude
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