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‘What’s on your mind’, for me this frequent query sums up what mental health is all about. Some described the field of psychology as a window into the human mind, and my initial interest in mental health and issues such as this subsequently led to a desire to learn more about people, society, and their interactions. I am an African American woman who is very urbane in her approach to life. My greatest strengths include my open mind, receptiveness, and inquisitiveness about the human psyche. My identity as an aspiring guidance counselor follows the Existentialist theory that posits that existence precedes essence, meaning the only significant factor for individuals is that they are indeed individuals who act independently and are responsibly conscious beings (existence) instead of whatever preconceived categories they fit (essence). In translation, individuals, through their own cognizance, manifest their own personal values and meaning for their lives. I have made my decision to pursue Clinical Mental Health Counseling because it is one of the fastest growing areas for the application of professional psychology—and I possess an amicable desire to be an advocate for mental health. I view the NBCCF Minority Masters Fellowship as a stepping-stone to a long life of fulfilling service and I am convinced that Argosy University has created a program tailored to my interests and long-term aspirations. The constant sense of discovery is what I find most captivating about the field of psychology: looking at an individual's pretentious behavior in an analytical way allows me to glance at the world from a new and contemporary angle. I have a fascination in understanding how the mind absorbs information, interpreted within certain cognitive processes resulting in a behavior that is willed or unwilled. My desire to study Social Psychology and especially the question of

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