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We are a part of nature not apart from nature It is an odd paradox that, although we live creatively from moment to moment, we are not our own creation. We live creatively in that our minds move swiftly from instant to instant, thinking, reacting, initiating, planning, sensing, perceiving, and remembering, all in relationship to what goes on in the present. We sense the environment; memories occur; language becomes available; thoughts occur as to what to do next. What we see clears away from instant to instant so that we are ready for the next moment. We make hundreds of decisions every hour, directing our bodies from moment to moment to do all the thousands of things that we do. And yet we are not our own creation. We inhabit a person that we had nothing to do with creating. We are in Nature/life, not apart from it. Each of us is a phenomenon of Nature/life, appearing for a lifetime and then disappearing. We behave in ways that are given to us by Nature/life itself. We are the product of billions of years of evolution and thousands of years of civilization. When I look at my hand, for example, I consider that it is my hand, but it is also not mine - I had nothing to do with creating it. It is completely given to me, produced by millions of years of evolution. The working together of bones, muscles, blood, and nerves proceeds, independent of my consciousness. If my hand is injured, healing agents travel to the injured site, all without my direction. Similarly, I have certain feelings. They, too, are mine, but they are also not mine. As with my hand, millions of years went into producing them. I did nothing to create them. Similarly, our sentences arise from a pool of originations in the mind. They occur to us as a whole, and then we express them. Each person is privileged to have life, warmth, senses, intelligence, personality, skills, locomotion, protection

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