My Favourite Poet and My Favourite Book

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My Favourite Poet My favourite poet is William Wordsworth. He is famous for his profound thoughts, love of Nature and a new style of poetic language. His poetry is the finest poetry on Nature in any language. He was so much in love with Nature that he walked through the countryside. He toured the whole continent Europe on foot. Wordsworth was born in 1770 in England and began his literary career in 1793 with the publication of two immature poems, “An Evening Walk” and “Descriptive Sketches”. Two years later he met Coleridge. They started working together and in 1798 jointly published “Lyrical Ballads” that marks the beginning of the Romantic Movement in English literature. Coleridge presented the supernatural world in his poetry while Wordsworth selected subjects from Nature and rural life. In 1799 Wordsworth moved to the Lake District along with his sister Dorothy where he lived thereafter. He was so impressed by the scenery and society of this area that his best poetry is based upon these impressions. The beauty of the land and the hard but free life of the farmers fascinated him. In the Lake District he found Nature with all her physical and spiritual grace. Wordsworth’s poems show the dignity of rural life. He presents ordinary scenes with the strangeness and freshness of a new vision. The subject matter of his poetry is man living in close contact with Nature. He preaches the natural goodness of childhood, the moral values of the simple life and the inspiring and healing power of Nature. He raised the slogan, “Closer to Nature, closer to perfection”. Wordsworth’s poetry is the mixture of both good and bad poetry. A considerable amount of his poetry is unimpressive. But when he is at his best, his poetry becomes matchless. Many volumes of his poetry have been published but “Prelude” is regarded as his most ambitious work. This is a sort of spiritual
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