My Favourite Place Is Beach Essay

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Soda & diabetes, p. 8 The lowdown on green tea, p. 9 The best crackers, p. 13 M AY 2 0 11 $2.50 How external cues make us overeat hat made you eat more of that ice cream than you intended? Why do you always eat too much when you go out for Chinese? If you’re like most people, external cues influence how much you eat, which foods you eat, how fast you eat, whether you enjoy what you eat, and more. Brian Wansink of Cornell University has spent a career unearthing those cues. The trick isn’t just to uncover them, he says, but to change them. “Don’t say, ‘Now that I know it, it won’t happen,’” cautions Wansink. “It will happen.” His solution? “It’s easier to change your environment than it is to change your mind.” Continued on page 3. W Photo: © martinlee/ C O V E R S T O R Y How external cues make us overe Brian Wansink is the John S. Dyson Professor of Marketing in the Applied Economics and Management Department at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he directs the Food and Brand Lab. He was the executive director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion from 2007 to 2009, and is the author of Mindless Eating–Why We Eat More Than We Think (New York: Bantam-Dell). For more information, see and Wansink spoke to NAH’s Bonnie Liebman by phone. 1 to 10, people rated the taste a 3. It tasted like Styrofoam. at those who got an opaque bowl. Q: What else influences people? A: Names. A while back, someone who operated a healthy cafeteria called to say, “No one is eating in our cafeteria. What should we do?” So we simply changed the names of the foods they served. Instead of Italian Pasta, we called it Succulent Tuscany Pasta. Or instead of Chocolate Cake, we called it Belgian Black Forest Cake, even though the Black Forest isn’t

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