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My Favourite Invention Essay

  • Submitted by: ansh_indianboy
  • on May 1, 2009
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OBJECTIVE: History of the light bulb
        The advantages and disadvantages of the light bulb

Timeline of the light bulb ....
• Edison was not granted a patent because his "invention" too closely resembled an invention in the UK of a filament in a vacuum tube, developed by Joseph Swan in the 1860's.

• In 1880, Swan and Edison teamed up to produce the first "practical" light bulb.

• 1809 - Humphry Davy, an English chemist, invented the first electric light. Davy connected two wires to a battery and attached a charcoal strip between the other ends of the wires. The charged carbon glowed making the first arc lamp.

• 1820 - Warren De la Rue enclosed a platinum coil in an evacuated tube and passed an electric current through it. His lamp design was worked but the cost of the precious metal platinum made this an impossible invention for wide-spread use.

• 1835 - James Bowman Lindsay demonstrated constant electric lighting system using a prototype light bulb.

• 1854 - Henricg Globel, a German watchmaker, invented the first true light bulb. He used a carbonized bamboo filament placed inside a glass bulb.


• We will find light bulb virtually everywhere, in essentially every home, business, car, plane and even space shuttle.
• Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the light bulb:
Advantages Disadvantages
• light bulbs is that they provide light indoors and when it is dark outside • need electricity and wires that are properly installed and cannot be easily moved about
• having to light a candle or an oil lamp • also difficult to repair a broken light bulb or one that has burned out
• relatively safe • they must be disposed of and replaced.
• clean and easy to operate

Does anyone know who invented the light bulb ????

How does a light bulb work ????
• Light bulbs have a very simple structure.
• At the...

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