My Fathers Story Essay

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My Father’s story In midsummer of 1977,my grandmother had to leave her country Beirut, Lebanon to escape to the nearest safe country, to Amman, Jordan, were her daughter lived. Lebanon, in 1977 was in war with Israel and Palestine, the country was in bad shape, were there a lot of people lost their business and their homes, kids on the street, buildings on fire. My grandmother and my father in the middle of the night had to escape to Jordan through Syria, by the land, on the custom they asked for their visas, and the reason to leave the country. It was very difficult for my father at his young age, to go through that with his mother, and leave his other brothers back in Lebanon with his father. In that dark night being alone on the custom between the two countries, with no place to go. After Some of explanations they got their visas and past to Jordan. In Jordan the life was even harder, because they were immigrants and had no wrights as the citizens. My father had always dream that one day he will have a real life, and human rights. And that where he thought that Unites State of America, is the only country where his dream can come true. In 1978 he tried to apply for a visa to U.S embassy, and that was the happiest day in his life, were his dream will come true. In July, 1978 my father came to a big country, with a little English, and no money. But he had to work hard and long hours, for his dream to come true. Today my father has a citizen ship of a country that opened the door for his future, and provides him freedom and human

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