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Kindria Cheatum English 101 TR 11:00~12:15 Final The Vow In Jarrett David Lee Jackson short story, “My Father’s House,” the main topic is an eleven year old boy realizing his father that he known all his life is a disappointment, and vowing never to be like his father but to be a better man than his father. The reason for this is his father is the person who initiated the breakup of their family. Because of this situation, the son is forced to become the man of the family at an early age. In this dilemma, the boy must accept the new change that has arose in his life. After he accepts the sad truth that his family will not be together, and that he’ll be left to take the role as the men of the house. He has to realize that he must change and respond to the situation, how should the young boy change and respond? He must change from a juvenile into a more mature individual for his mother and sister. Also, He has to respond to the situation because if he doesn’t than the emotional crisis will affect his relationships with his family and others. After the boy realizes that he must change and respond to the situation, than the young boy decides to make a vow in his parents’ bedroom right after his father tells him about the divorce. The boy makes a commitment or vow to be a better man than his father is. The young boy must realize in order for him to become a better man, like in his personal vow he must forgive his father. In the story, it reveals that the boy visits his father as an adult which means that he had forgiven him and stayed committed to his vow. A vow is like a promise similar to the personal vow the boy made in, “My Father’s House,” everyone has made a vow in their life whether it’s a personal commitment, wedding vow, or a promise to stop smoking, partying, or etc. However, a vow is important but then

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