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Growing up as a kid, my dad has always been my Superman. He was my protector, my happiness, and my second conscious. I’ve always been close to my father; there was always a sense a security was he was around. His wings provided shelter over my fragile body, fortifying me from every obscurity that I faced. He taught me right from wrong and made sure I earned my respect from others, and in turn gave my respect to others. My father was my Sensei, training me to defend what I believe in, and to defend myself. I was my father’s mirror, mimicking what he did just so I could be like him. I walked, laughed, and smiled the way he did, all in the hopes of having the same success he had in life. To me, my dad was unstoppable. My dad's teachings were a cure for my selfishness. He taught me to consider everyone as a part of my family and taught me how love people by sharing and giving. When I was a kid, my dad and I used to go to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. He always bought me some food after leaving that place. One day, on the way home, we saw a homeless man on the side of the road. He asked me for the food that my father bought for me. Being selfish and still hungry, I immediately refused. My father then reached into his pocket and gave the poor man ten dollars. My father was not just Superman to me, but to those around him. One day I went to my father’s office to observe how he gets his work done in hopes that I may do the same. He was a very hard working and efficient man who loved his job. Nothing could obstruct his focus; at least that’s what I thought. His phone went off and he picked it up. I assumed it was just another business call, but by the look on his face and change of emotion, I could tell I was far from right. I was confused on to why my ‘Superman’ looked powerless. He put down the phone and buried his face into his hands. He didn’t want me to see, but I

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