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Although my mother took exceptional care of my brother and I, I always wondered about my father. Growing up, my grandfather and stepfather were the only male figures in my life. The question of who and where my biological dad was always in the back of my mind. Only a few facts were known to me about my dad. I knew that he and my mom met while they were in the Army. She became pregnant with me while she was stationed at Fort Hood, TX. , and decided to return home to Henderson, TX to have me. This is when they lost contact. As I grew older, and the questions about him began to grow in my mind, my mom decided to tell me about him. She told me that his name was Fred and that he and his family resided in Sardis, Mississippi. She even told me that when I was three years old, he had made a trip to Texas to see me. He wanted to take me to McDonald’s so that he could spend some time getting to know his daughter, but my grandmother was not having that! She took control of the situation and told him “If you want to spend some time with her, it will have to be here. She is only a baby and does not know you well enough for you to be taking her off.” My mom had no choice but to agree with Granny, because she was dead set on my father not taking me anywhere. My mom told me that he was obviously offended and disappointed , because he cut his visit short that day and left me a pink bear. Even though I am thirty one, I still remember that bear. When I turned seventeen, my interest peaked. While watching a talk show on television about people being reunited with their loved ones, a web site popped up on the screen. It was a people search site. Finding that interesting, I got went to the site and plugged in my father’s information. Almost instantly, there was his address and phone number! I was so

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