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My name is Mohammad Abdul Qudus Bin Mohammad Uzir, I live at Water Blue Garden at Johor I’m 18 years old this year which is in the year 2012. I have a couple of the most precious human being in my life which is my parents. Proudly I tell you that my father is Mohammad Uzir Bin Masood, and my mother is Artini Binti Hazim. In term of siblings, I have six and I’m the fifth in the family, the first one is Haizum Hanis Binti Mohammad Uzir, the second one is Mohd Afiq Bin Mohammad Uzir, the third one is Aisyah Hanis Binti Mohammad Uzir, the forth one is Fatimah Hanis Binti Mohammad Uzir, and the fifth one me myself ,and the last member and the most pampered child of all is Khadijah Hanis Binti Mohammad Uzir. Although many people taught that having more sibling is annoying but that perception was shamefully wrong. I want to practice my English now, actually having many siblings was very fun, I want to tell you guys the story of us since we were young. I want to start with my oldest sister which is Haizum Hanis but we all call her Kak An, actually I did not know why we called her that if we want to say it resembles her name I think Haizum and Kak An is way off. Haaah!! what the heck, ok let me start, Kak An is a very weird person, when she want something that we want too, she always want to win it although she was older than us. When she was young I think she had a crush on Zamri, son of Mr Abdul Wahab and his wife Mrs Asiah, but Kak An always want to keep it as a secret, so when we tease her, abang Zamri, abang Zamri, she will catch us even if we ran into the sewage, then she will smack us like hell. Another thing about her is her tongue is very short, she also do not like to eat pills, she will puke if she do that, my dad is a kind of guys that love to force people, so when he ask her to eat pills she will refuse, so he scold her and ask her to eat the pills by

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