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Our family system is very unique because everyone takes care of everyone in some way. Obviously my parents take care of the entire family, but in my family the oldest takes care of everyone younger and the next takes care of those who are under them and so on. Our system works well because sometimes my parents can’t be there or help out so we look to our other family members for advice or help. It just brings our family closer and closer. Systems and interdependency are very important for studying when dealing with family communication. With systems we find out how a family brings order, how they deal with things in there lives and how a family reacts to each other and comes together. Interdependency is how a family depends on other family members within the family to do certain things and how they co-exist when asked to do those things. Both systems and interdependency go together hand in hand. Without one the other seems to be lost. It wouldn’t make since just to have systems because then you wouldn’t be able to understand how the family depends on each other and co-exist when those things come together. We are dependent on the system built for our families. When family members don’t believe in the system they are not depend on others and the system fails. My family members are very caring and watchful. If there’s an opposing force it will be noticed and seen. We as a family then communicate it to each other or to that one person directly. We then leave it up to that family member to deal with it on there own unless asked or if it is a real serious situation. Opposing forces have no place in our family because we keep it so tight. My brother and I always played basketball together every Saturday morning. If we didn’t go together we would meet each other there. We never missed a Saturday. That was our schedule spending

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