My Experiences as a Writer

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My Experiences as a Writer I have several experiences a writer. Most of these experiences are from my life as a student and from my working career. I think that most of my fun experiences were during my school age years. I learned the basics of writing and used each assignment as a tool. As an adult I used what I learned and applied it to my professional and everyday life. I had an assignment as a child to write about Madam CJ Walker. At first I wasn’t very excited. Once I started to do research and reading different articles, I was intrigued. I think it helps if you are interested in what you are writing because it will show in your work and engage the reader. In my everyday life I find myself writing various things. One thing in particular would be my family history for our family reunion. That was a very interesting experience. I took a lot of pride in what I found while researching and what my findings produced. This was one assignment I really took pride in. As an adult I find myself writing several things for work. There was one time I had to write a detailed report about an incident that occurred the previous day. I had to be very precise about the accounts of that day and the bad part was that someone’s job was on the line. I did get through it and through my writing the truth was revealed and that situation was handled appropriately.
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