My Experience with Youth Rights Media

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Youth Rights Media is a nonprofit organization in New Haven that helps youth learn, understand, and educate their peers about their rights through the use of media and video production. Over the summer I took a chance and a new kind of excitement began. My experience was life changing. I first became involved with Youth Rights Media during my junior year of high school for a 3 week internship. Through my internship I participated in Media Lab, a program that teaches youth communication strategies and how to create productions used in community educational events. In Media Lab I learned many new skills, such as how to use a camera to capture footage for a film and how to edit film and music. One of the most important skills I learned was how to be effective by using evidence. After my internship was over, I woke up anxious everyday to get back to Youth Rights Media. I filled out an application for their Summer Institute and was accepted. The Summer Institute is a program through which participants learn political and social awareness, how to facilitate and participate in community organized events, and how to build analytical skills. One requirement of the Summer Institute program is a weekend camping trip. On this camping trip everything became interesting. The camping was done at the Great Hollow Wilderness School in New Fairfield, Connecticut. The purpose of this camping trip was to build trust, relationships, and productive teams, in order to facilitate our work together. We were divided into small groups and went our separate ways. My group and I slept on small platforms made out of wood, had to bathe in a pond, and had to make our food on little electric devices that looked like candles. Each day we went canoeing, explored caves or played games to encourage teamwork and comfort zones between us. At first I thought I would have a problem not using running

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