My Experience in the English Language Essay

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My Experience in the English Language My experience in the English language is rather emblematic of the average Californian teenager. I was born in Anaheim, California. I fall into that category of people who’ve never lived more than fifty miles from where they were born. On that note, I have grown up in an English speaking family. I’m not proud to fit into that category, but we take what we’re given. My parents taught me a kind of sign language when I was an infant so that I could communicate before I was actually able to speak. They believe that the sign language was the cause of my learning English so quickly. They used to boast to me that I learned to speak before their friend’s babies. I also had a knack for picking up big words quickly which gave me an extremely colorful vocabulary for a child my age. For years both my parents and all of their friends would tease me, saying my fist word was hippopotamus. For example, where the other toddlers would call my dog “doggy,” to me she was always my “Labrador Retriever, Zoe.” Other than my passion for large intelligent-sounding words, in kindergarten I loved learning to read. I loved reading and spelling because it came very easily to me and I was constantly praised for a job well done. For a while I learned faster than the majority of the other children, which is why I was admitted into the GATE program in first grade. Things always came easy to me as a child, but it was during those young years that I developed a nasty habit of laziness when it came to work. Since work was simple, I never had to think on. Then again as things became more difficult I didn’t want to work anymore. Because I was in GATE, I was expected to start reading higher lever novels and books than other kids in my grade. In fourth grade I could read at an eighth grade level, but I didn’t want to because those were bigger books! We had a

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