My Experience in English Essay

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My ENG011 Experience Unlike many other skills that we learn in school, writing is used in our everyday lives, even after college. It is how we get jobs and communicate with one another. ENG011 has taught me to be a better writer. Before ENG011, I thought that my writing was fine. After a whole semester of this class, I now realize that I was wrong. Not only has ENG011 taught me to be a better writer, but it has taught me to be a better student as well. ENG011 has taught me proper grammar in my writing, group work skills, and the proper work ethic needed to be successful in school and in every thing I do. In high school, grammar wasn’t a big concern. The teachers wanted to see my work and ideas written down on paper; that was good enough. After ENG011, I now realize that this is not the case in higher education and in the real world. Proper grammar is what makes a formal essay “formal”. If there are misused commas, apostrophes, semi colons or spelling errors in an essay, the reader might still get the message, but it will be much less effective. ENG011 has taught me to avoid these common mistakes in my writing. Before this class, a common mistake that I made was a mix up of the words then and than. I learned early in the class the difference between the two, and now I have no problem with them. Another mistake that I made before this class was with apostrophes. I had no idea as to how or when to use them. I would throw them in wherever I thought that it looked good. After a long class discussion on how and when to use apostrophes, I now feel comfortable in my ability to use them. The last grammatical error that I used to have trouble with until this class was commas. Before, I would add commas to combine two independent clauses without using a FANBOY. I now know that I need to use one of these words in order to properly combine the two
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