My Experience as a Writer

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My Experience as a Writer Becoming a good writer I know takes perseverance, time, and practice. If I take my time to build My writing skills opportunities will unfold for me because good writing is required everywhere in the world today. Once I get the concept of writing it could land me a great job making good income. Writing could take me a long way not only in landing a good job also preparing a resume, letters, or cover letters for the future to come. I don’t know why, but when I find myself at war with words when I write. Writing I would say isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve noticed at times when I write I tend to make many grammar and punctuation errors. Even though I feel the way I do I know if I apply myself and edit my work over and over I can produce a great paper. In tenth grade I turned in a paper and I failed badly this crushed me. I thought I was going to at least make a C and I made a F. I talked to my teacher Mrs. Crutchfield and she told me she would let me do my paper over. This time I took my time went over my work and glanced through the different writing techniques and I passed with a eighty-five. I became aware that with practice I got better and faster at writing cause writing is like a exercise. It’s easier to write when you’re interested in what you’re writing about. As a writer you get your ideas when you write, Not when you just write down

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