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My life is a complex and brilliant painting and The Bronx is my canvas. I am a streak of white paint that has blended and mixed well with the various shades and colors of life. After each year, Dozens of layers of strokes and patterns are added to the vast painting I call life. The canvas was never clear, and was blank to begin with as I built upon the rich experiences of my diverse ancestry. In fact, it is a portrayal of my family’s history and of the aspirations I continuously hold dear. Influences are symbolic drawing that lure in the focus of its viewers. On the canvas of life, my mother stands in the center as the baseline of the portrait. Her open and extended arms show her appreciation and concern for my well-being. Her place within the painting characterize where she resides in my life. Several strokes of paint appear above my mother symbolizing the weight of the responsibility she holds. The thick stripes also represent the lessons learned of patience and strength. My mother’s actions, teachings, and leadership greatly contribute to the personal discovery of my unique character. Culture and faith are the tone of the palette from where my life was painted. The wide arrays of diverse colors resonate throughout the entire image. A vivid rose petal red and ocean blue shade paint the flag of the heritage I embrace proudly. The Holy Bible creates the symmetrical lines that straighten and align what is occurring within my life. Swirls and strokes symbolize the aroma from the Latino food and the waves of music that have sculpted my passion and pride for the Dominican Republic. My aspiration lies in the foreground, creating the dawn and sunset of my life. Artistic inspiration and my future mix and radiate like stars in the heavens. Gleaming lights flood and shine through the entire painting, adding vibrancy and depth to the canvas. The horizon is personified

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