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My name is Erika Evangelista, I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1975. I lived in NY until I was 14, my mom and stepfather moved us from Roslyn, NY to Boca Raton, FL. The moment I stepped off the plane I knew Florida was NOT for me. I still made Florida my home and embraced it, as much as one can, for 20 years. When I turned 32, I lost my home in FL due to being scammed by my mortgage company and at that point my partner and I decided that taking a leap of faith would be better than living someplace with so many bad memories. So, we packed up and moved to Charlotte, NC. My partner, Lisa and I live in a very arsty area of Charlotte with my best friend Michelle (who is also enrolled in UP). We have 2 dogs, a 160lb weimaraner named Max and a much smaller rescue mutt named Lola. We also have a 16 year old cat name Dinker. We have a wonderful group of friends, we enjoy a night to unwind with them almost every week, we’ve dubbed it “wine night”…..we gather at one of our houses and enjoy a nice night of friends, food and sillyness Currently, I am not working.…show more content…
I was laid off in April and haven’t found a suitable job yet, this is the first time in my entire working history that I have been unemployed and as much as I like the free time, I miss being at

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