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Introduction (pages 1-23) Why this book isn’t worthless. It teaches us to becoming a master student. The master student book can be a tool to help provide quick tips of dealing with an everyday student life. Such as quick tips as text book reconnaissance. It only takes 15 minutes to do and make studying easier. The book helps by providing what I call “known cheats”, such as sidebars and answers in the heading. It helps to achieve the goal of gaining higher education. Even if we just graduated high school or been graduated it’s our time to realize that it’s new academic standards, working harder and less time for games. Within higher education we get taught in different techniques than ever before. There is a short time limit then it would have been expected in high school. At this point we must take responsibilities in strong consideration. As far as turning in assignments on time showing up for class, even interacting with new people o an everyday basis. Chapter 1 (Pages 23-29) These responsibilities will help to succeed in high educated life and that is what this book help to prepare us for. Being successful in the higher education doesn’t just start at school and end there. You want to learn to first keep your stress down. Keep finances stable such as tuition fees, and home financed. Basically getting to know your concerns and taking the proper steps to getting them under control during the years of getting a higher education. If it go as far as breaking things down step by step and eliminate problems or things that you been doing on in an everyday life, so be it! Whether it’s being a full time parent or working full time, its sacrifices that need to be made. Maybe take a part time job in consideration or even think about getting family help for the kids. All these things will help for us to becoming more successful. Chapter 2 (Pages 46-62) The Master

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