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The play is called "Annie". It is a musical, classic movie, and an all time favorite for most. It’s the story of a girl who wants nothing more than family that will love her. I believe it was a wonderful play. It does a very good job of keeping you entertained with mild humor along with the sing-along songs that make this production a must see. We all at some point in our lives have felt like there was nobody out there who cared about us which makes the story all the more relatable and emotional. It' a hard knock life for a child, parents boss you around, the world is so huge its terrifying. Annie embraces all those things and being an orphan makes that much harder. Being adopted is the best thing that could happen to the sweet little Annie. She finally gets everything she was looking for. Annie doesn’t only bring joy and happiness to almost everyone she meets, she also has a knack for standing up for those who cant for themselves. The biggest thing I got out of seeing this production was that if you believe and try hard enough your dreams really will come true. Also in the play I attended you could tell that all the people who were in it were passionate about what they were doing. The personality's of the characters were well matched with their actors. Even when things when wrong or a song started to play the wrong tune the actors kept their calm and adlibbed it. The most important thing in acting is enjoying what it is you are doing. The more you enjoy it the better the results of your acting, and the more that crowd will enjoy what they see. It was a well written, well played, and very entertaining show. If you haven't seen it yet "The sun will come out tomorrow" with an opportunity that you wont

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