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Darren Fernandez Core composition 10/16/13 Period 1 CU succeed Compare and contrast essay I grew up in a family that was split apart. On one side of the family was my mom, who took me when she and my dad split. On the other hand was my dad, who didn’t get to take me but still visited me after I turned around five to six years old. As I grew up, I was able to know more and more about my mom’s side of the family, but on my dad’s side I knew only a little bit. Growing up with two different family sides was a different experience from most people. I had two different grandmas on the separate sides of the family. On my mom’s side, I grew up with a grandma who was very close to me. I lived with my grandma Tina for 4 years at her house, and had been watched and stayed over at her house many times before. I could always count on her to be there for me. On my dad’s side though was my grandma Anita. She was not at all like my grandma Tine. Whenever we went over to her house and I did something wrong, she would tell my dad that something was wrong with me. I never lived with my grandma Anita, so she didn’t like me that much either. I never could really consider her as a grandma to me other than the blood relation I had to her. The difference between my mom and my dad was even greater. People say there is a fun parent, and then there is a strict parent. In my case, this was correct. My dad was the fun parent. Whenever I visited him, we would always do a fun activity. We would go to the movies, play video games, cook together, or even go fishing sometimes. These were special things that I only did with my dad. Even as I got older, we still play video games together, even if I don’t see him as much as I used to. My mom, in comparison, was more of the strict parent. With her, it was usually never fun and games. It was a lot of, “How are your grades? How are you doing

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