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So I saw an essay that I wanted to finish reading but I had to of course make an account on here. I finished making one and then to my surprise I had to upload an essay to share with my community. I did not really want to share any of my personal essays so I am just writing about nonsense. I personal thought that the fact that I had to upload an essay was quite stupid. What if I had never written an essay before? What if I had never written anything before?! Oh well, I will just have to deal with it and be a man. I am about to just copy and paste these same two paragraphs so that I can reach the minimum of two hundred fifty words, which is completely ridiculous. I learned how to spell ridiculous because of the hilarious show on MTV called Ridiculousness. That television show is so funny. It is kind of like a newer and funnier version of America’s Funniest Home Videos except you cannot send in videos. The producers of the show just get them off of YouTube. So many people are getting famous now because of videos. What has this world come to? I personally think that it is a ridiculous way to become famous. Like what the heck? Oh well, there is nothing that I can do about that. I only need about ten more words now, so have a great day and may God bless

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