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Surname and name : Trinh Thi Huong From : Ha Nam province Date of birth : 24/04/1990 School : Foreign Trade University Mobile : 0973.304.086 Email : ESSAY: THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE EDUCATION IN EUROPE AND THE EDUCATION IN VIETNAM. WHAT MUST VIETNAMESE STUDENTS NEED TO SUCCEED IN EUROPE? “If I were a bird, I would be a white pigeon If I were a flower, I would be a sunflower If I were a cloud, I would be a warm cloud As a person, I would like to die for my fatherland” Yes, as a Vietnamese student, anyone of us always nurtures our strong desire to devote to our country. Everyone has their own way to get success; but personally I choose for myself the way to study abroad in Europe to get my dreams. However, the education in Europe has some differences comparing with the education in Vietnam. And we need to prepare carefully for our knowledge, skills and some other factors for our conquering Europe journey. As mentioned above, the education in Europe has some differences comparing with the education in Vietnam. The first reason maybe comes from the geographical distance that leads differences in culture and lifestyle. Moreover, the European economy has high-developed and people’s life is better than Asian people in general and Vietnamese people in particular. That is why education in Europe is better and more effective than education in Vietnam. The European education gives prominence to self-study; encourages the innovation and the creativeness. Therefore the European students are usually intelligent, innovative and dynamic. They usually say: “Do what you said, not say what you did” and they have a high ability to focus on the problems about which they are concerning. They don’t much care for

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