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How Augustus used Propaganda to maintain his power in Rome. Nehal Housny Professor Jose Gomez-Rivera Western Civilization November 7 , 2013 Augustus was a master of propaganda who employed Ancient and Hellenized Egypt as a means to legitimize his power in Rome after the Battle of Actium. This paper examines the ways in which Augustus molded the people, imagery and religion of Egypt to suit his political needs. This was accomplished through an examination of major Egyptian political figures such as Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Cleopatra . The symbolism of their images was altered to enhance Augustus’ standing in Rome. Augustus’ inspirations were also considered, especially Alexander the Great who became a significant influence for Augustus as was evident through the various similarities in their seal rings, family history, and both their roles as restorers and saviors . The most predominant source for evidence of Augustus’ use of Egypt was found in Augustus’ representation of the Battle of Actium . The battle was depicted typically with a crocodile, stalks of wheat, and a bald Augustus. These actions developed the prestige of Rome and presented Augustus as a powerful and reliable leader. In terms of religion, Augustus welcomed the practice of Egyptian cults while protecting Rome’s traditional religious core. This appealed to worshippers of traditional and foreign cults and enhanced his likeliness to stay in Rome. Ultimately, Augustus’ actions served to increase his own prestige and credibility. This allowed Augustus to legitimize the authority of his rule and to initiate a stable Roman empire that would endure through his reign. On September 2nd, 31 BC, Antony’s naval forces surrendered to Octavian’s general Agrippa. Octavian was left the ruler of the Mediterranean. Following

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