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Robert Taylor –Anderson English 101 March 7, 2013 Comparison Essay Since childhood I had always been tech savvy. From playing with broken televisions to making personal adaptations to house appliances, I did it all. My main tool also would happen to be Duct Tape. I used tape for every type of fix there could possibly be. Something went wrong with the stove, tape it. Fridge door stuck, duct tape. I would go through about 4 rolls of tape trying to be like the myth busters. They were my idols. These early interests made me realize that I would love to have a profession and make money doing the hobbies I love. So for many years my focus was strictly engineering and making a way to become one. I took extra science courses to even help me get ahead of the game. Around my junior year of high school the business side of me arose. I started thinking about how I wanted to be my own boss and how much u wanted my own business. I was convinced that I had to work for myself and hold my own job security. My decision turned out to be a little of both worlds. I want to major in Engineering but own my own business and make my own job title. Therefore I will be comparing the careers as a business manager and a Process Engineer in this comparison essay. My current Employer Qdoba Mexican Grill is a large company with many chains of restaurants all over the country. Each restaurant has its own chain of command. The top position is the store manager. To be a store manager you need about one to two years of college. As of right now I could technically apply for a managerial position for Qdoba. As for a Process Engineer I would need credit of a four year university. This position would take a little bit longer to attain the credentials in order to even apply for a job in this field. Although the manager position at Qdoba may not require as much educational background as the other

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