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hat fateful night I stayed up too late working on a scholarship essay. Worked up into a frenzy with all this paperwork, I faded in and out of the work I was doing. I stopped for a few minutes to rest my eyes and upon opening them I gazed into a face crowned by a laurel-leaf and wore philosophers robes. "What doest thou?" he asked in a thick Italian voice. I could not believe it. Who was this man who entered my room unannounced and demanded from me what I do? "What doest thou?" he asked again, more forcefully. "I...I'm writing a paper for a scholarship, sir." I added 'sir' unintentionally. "What needest thou with this scholarship application?" "I have two brothers who are going to college, one of whom will be returning to UTD next year to continue his education, and the other will be attending medical school." "Aye, but what need hast thou for 'scholarship'?" He rolled the words in a soft Florentine accent. "My brother who will be attending medical school will be living on campus and the expense of room and board along with tuition and the tuition of my other brother attending UTD puts a great strain on our family. I really need this scholarship." "'Tis true, I believe it. But for what purpose needest thou this scholarship?" "Well," I said a bit unnerved at this intruding interrogator, "I hope to receive a masters degree in Commercial Art and I hope to join an advertising or design company." "Aye, but what other duties hast thou outside of education?" "To begin with, every two weeks I feed the homeless with my church. We pack lunches for them and, rain or shine, we hand out the food and water. Along with that, I visit orphanages and the shut-in members of our church. Also, every first Saturday of the month I teach a bible study

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