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Tara High School Senior Career Portfolio & Project Senior Project Overview The senior project is designed to provide high school seniors with the opportunity to apply all the knowledge and experience acquired in twelve years of school to a project that both challenges abilities and rewards students with an engaging career-oriented experience. Senior project consists of four major components: the research paper, the internship, the portfolio, and the presentation. This packet will serve as a guide for completing the project. It includes majority of the forms you will need to complete the project. Roles in the Project • The Senior Project Adviser (SPA) is the student’s senior English teacher. This teacher monitors the quality of written materials and provides guidance throughout the project. He or she approves the student’s topic and adds it to the list of students and projects that is published for everyone to see. • The Senior Project Board plans and coordinates the senior project process. Board members include a school administrator, an English teacher, a career/technical teacher, other teachers and the senior project coordinator. • Students will confer, as needed, with the senior project adviser (the student’s senior English teacher). Identify a topic. Secure parental and senior project adviser approval for the topic. Tentatively identify a product to build or produce or a service to perform. Relate the product or service to a career cluster area. Select a product mentor — an academic or a career/technical teacher or a person in the community and secure his or her approval. Secure parental approval for the product. Write a letter of intent to the Senior Project Board. Develop a timeline for completion of all components of the senior project —research paper, product or service, oral presentation, and follow-up

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