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College Application Essay If I had the power to change three things in the world, I would change selfishness, divorce and the lack of innocence in this world. These are the three most important things I think are an obstacle in making a peaceful world. Selfishness is a state of being selfish, in which ones primary care is with his or her interest, benefits, and welfare regardless of others. It is strange how no one is willing to help anybody without an ulterior motive behind it. I want people to stop being selfish, because even if someone is benefiting from a selfish act, another person is getting hurt. Healthy mothers, who are not in any risk or danger, abort their babies for selfish reasons and when a person who is half dead on a sidewalk expects help from people walking by him is ignored. If selfishness is stopped among people then all the other things following it will end. Marriage is a commitment that two people make when they realize how much they love each other. They vow to be together for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, and in sickness and in health. After making many promises, it is disappointing to see couples being separated. I would like to change divorce because; I believe divorce is not a solution. Divorce not only destroys the life of two people but, it also destroys the life of people who are affected by it like the children. Children experience a different kind of pain during a divorce. They feel vulnerable and deserted at the time of separation. The end results of divorce impacts almost all aspects of a child’s life; which includes the parent-child relationship, behavior, psychological development, and adjustment. Innocence is something that we have from our childhood. As the world becomes violent, innocence is lost during childhood itself. Kids are more exposed to violence, profanity and nudity. There are so many evils around

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