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Conversation: Focus on the American High School In the textbook pages In Conversation: Focus on the American High School, I identified two major problems. The first problem I identified was the high school life and the real worlds are so different. The school system, is not at all how the real world is set up, “Often the high school outsider becomes the more successful and admired adult” (pg.153). In the real world we don’t get jobs just because were pretty but in high school that’s how it works, if your pretty then you get what you want as Botstein said “students are separated by good looks and attractiveness, popularity and sports prowess.” (pg. 153) Schools are run by the varsity athletic programs because their success determines how much the students the faculty are going to support the school. No one wants to go to a school where the losers go, they would rather choose the school that is dominate in sports rather than the school that is prestige in academics. Another major problem in his essay is that students shouldn’t be closed off from their younger and older peers like we are separated by grade and age for our classes. If we just mingle with people of our own age we will never be able too to learn the social skills that appeal to a broader audience. “They need to enter a world where they are not in a lunchroom with only their peers, estranged from other groups and cut off from the game of life as it is really played.” (pg.155) Students are wasting most of their high school life because when they go off too college they realize that they actually have to play the game of life and you have to have certain variables to become a successful adult. He also says that “Young people should graduate at 16 rather than 18” (pg.154) and that elementary school should begin at age 4 or 5 and go until middle school then we graduate at 16. He says this because in the

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