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Political issue relating to immigration Adrienne Boyd SOC/315 February 14, 2012 Christopher Berry Political issue relating to immigration Immigration seems to be making more headlines in recent years. As the world globalizes in terms of the nations’ economies, trade and investment borders are opened up more easily for flows of goods and products. People are supposedly moved around the world too. People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons. Some are forced to move, due to conflicts or escape persecution and prejudice, while others may voluntarily emigrate. Although such a move may be necessary it can be quite traumatic on top of the challenges experienced so far. From another perspective, immigration can also represent an act of courage. For example, moving to a different country with different culture and forms can be quite daunting. The potential loneliness to be suffered is not always easy to overcome. There may be the additional pressure to earn enough to live (in a more expensive to live in country) and send back meager savings. An economic migrant, a person searching for work, or better opportunities will be stepping into the unknown an exciting prospect if the person is already well-to-do, or daunting at least, if out of desperation. As Inter Press Service (IPS) reported, the European Union has not received much media attention. That is, a large number of people are attempting to leave the devastation or their own country caused by the current form of globalization and other political and economic policies, which as well as creating winners, is creating a large number of losers and increasing inequality. Tackling poverty and addressing issues of development and opportunity are important aspects of tackling this type of immigration. Immigration can have positive and negative impacts on both the host (recipient) country,

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