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Charlotte Brontë Biography I decided to focus on the biography about Mrs. Charlotte Brontë. I find it more interesting learning about the person who created something like a novel, an actor/actress, or even The President of The United States. It’s very encouraging for me to know about their past life. Just to know where, and who they were before now. Charlotte Brontë, a very great writer for the novels she has written, like Jane Eyre, Villette and a few more. I wanted to know what made her come about to become a writer. Charlotte Brontë was born on April 21, 1816, Thornton in Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of Patrick Brontë and Maria Branwell’s six children. Her father was an Anglican minister who moved the family to Haworth, in 1820 after finding work at a church there. She and her sister, Emily attended a religious school in Cowan Bridge. When she was nine years old, she lived in isolation with her father, aunt, Sister Anne and Emily and Brother Patrick Branwell. Without her father not communicating with them, and having no real contact with the outside world, the children spent their time reading and creating their own imaginary worlds. Anne and Emily made up a kingdom called Gondal, while Charlotte and Patrick created the realm of Angria, which was ruled by the Duke of Zamorna. Arthur Bell Nicholls proposed marriage to Charlotte, was in a case not in love with him, rejected him. Later Nicholls and Charlotte become engaged, and then they were married. Charlotte admired him, though she did not love him. A year later she had been expecting a child, Brontë caught pneumonia. It was an illness that could have been cured, but she seized to upon it to have the opportunity to end her life this way. She died on March 21,

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