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“My English Grade” For last semesters I had an F for English. I deserve that F because I called Mr. Tilton a bad word I didn’t really meant to say it. I am sorry for saying it but I know that he wont for give me. So this semester I plan to do all my work and don’t talk that much in the class. I plan to do all my work and work hard not to get an F again and not to make Mr. Tilton mad at me again. Last semester I didn’t really do all my essay now I know that he is teaching us to get ready for colleges. Because college u have to write a lot of essays. I would like to stay in this class and try to earn a better grade. I need to past my testes and stop sleeping in the class. Last semester I didn’t really read the books and I didn’t really understand what was happening in the book. I knew I was going to have an f in the class. I want to show Mr. Tilton that I can do better and improve. I am going to do all my homework and essays that the teacher assigned me. I’m going to attend tutorial for the classes I am failing. Last semester I got kicked out from the class like 2 times for sleeping and putting my head down. So this semester I am staying a wake and try to learn more and actually read the book and poetry. To pay attention to the books and the stories. I wanted to think more and do all my work on time and communicate to the teacher. I want to do better and learn more. I have to do all the vocabulary that the teacher gives us and lesson what the teacher say. Write down what the teachers say that’s is important. I have think more and not wonder off and day dream. Sleep early so I wont be tried and bring my I.D. everyday. I have to bring my book everyday because that’s an easy five points. Study for the test and read more at home. Just work and don’t get into trouble anymore and don’t get suspended again. The class is not hard its fun and Mr. Tilton try to make it

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