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My Endorsement Platform Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on January 26, 2013
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Platform framework – section I
Language Development and Learning Dynamics

    The learning and experiences gained from research, theory, and practice based on language development and learning dynamics will definitely impact my instructional planning for my CLD students.  
    As a result of this new knowledge in this course I learned that to teach academic language the educators should understand and address the student’s BICS and CALP. Some ways we can know about BICS is by Students biography cards, which will give the educators and idea of the students’ background knowledge and their family. With the prior knowledge the teacher can form a good base and not only the CLD will succeed but also all the students. The CALP level is assess through standardized English language proficiency tests.
    To maximize opportunities for the development and enhancement of my students I would promote a collaborative and meaningful environment through the use of team work like the vocabulary quilt activity which promote the use of L1 and L2.
To observe and document the learning process of my CLD students I can do informal observation of each student in the learning environment and I can also use my own tests with modifications of standard tests.
    The modules studied made special emphasis in the importance of a student’s first or home language and stated that is the key to be successful in learning a second language.
    Based on what I have learned in this journaling experience I will be able to avoid the delayed of the academic instruction of the CLD students and to provide them with the opportunity to use language in meaningful contexts, besides I will feel more confident in planning with the mainstream teachers to integrate the 4 literacy domains: listening, speaking, writing, and reading during the process of the language acquisition.
    We also discussed that the 3 functions of memory: use various strategies to move students from sensory to working to...

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