My Education And a Meditation Essay

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I am a child educated through Taiwan’s spoon-fed education. Like pet ducks, we are fed on a lot of knowledge from teachers. Many teachers do not mind whether students can absorb and understand or not. They just ask their students to memorize everything that is written in textbooks. The result is that hard-working students can get good grades on exams so long as they remember the key points in their books well, because all the answers are in the textbooks. To a student in an elementary school or a junior high school, a textbook seems to be a bible. However, this old system of education does cause damage to the original meaning of teaching and learning. I saw a movie called “Three Idiots” several weeks ago. The film criticizes the disadvantages of the spoon-fed education and the thoughts of pursuing high scores and of jobs with high incomes. In the movie, three Indians and their classmates have been asked to run a race with everything since they were little, such as being a good child, entering an ideal university, finding a good job and marrying a Mr. /Ms. Right. They are told that there is only one successful education but no any education with happiness. The main character, Rancho, often encourages his two good friends to rise in rebellion and pursue their own goals in the life. He always thinks independently and enjoys learning. Finally, he jumps out of the terrible educational system successfully. “Life is like a race. If you do not run fast, you will only be trampled under foot.” This is a thought of teachers in the movie. I think these words are too extreme. If a person is always running, how is it possible for him not to be tired? Schools are not pressure cookers. Learning is not a fruit of competition and pressure. It should be right to let the student’s enthusiasm arouse the motivation of learning. That is a real way of learning- to be willing to

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