The Causes Of My Eating Habits

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My Eating Habits I eat my breakfast at 7 o’clock on workdays, because I have a lecture at 8.15. For breakfast I eat a little. I eat sandwiches, salad or cereal with milk and I drink tea with lemon. On Saturdays and on Sundays is my breakfast between 10 and 12 o’clock, because I sleep longer than on workdays. Then I don’t have lunch. I eat my lunch between 12 and 13 o’clock on workdays. The main meal of the day is at lunchtime. For lunch I eat a lot. I eat potatoes with salad, green vegetables, fish or meat. Sometimes I eat food from other countries or ready meals. Once a week I eat vegetarian food. I eat soup as well. I have in my main meal often two courses: main course and dessert. For dessert I eat biscuits,

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