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My Dream Occupation Essay

  • Submitted by: Andi7san
  • on January 4, 2012
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Have you ever seen a picture drawn by a little kid? You know the ones I’m talking about! The ones with a yellow line here, and a blue scribble there, and a purple smudge there! They don't look very good do they? Well, have you ever asked the child what it is, and what the story behind it is? I find it interesting some of the things the child mind comes up with! That’s why I feel that being an Elementary school art teacher is the occupation for me. I love working with kids, I love to hear the story's these kids have for their art and I love to draw

I've loved working with kids ever since I turned ten. I myself would prefer to sit up front on a bus, than in the back with the high schoolers. All my friends have always been younger than me. As unlikely as it may sound, I learn a lot from younger kids. I enjoy seeing their happy, energetic faces, and how lively they can be. There imagination could stretch across the whole universe, which has no end. I myself will admit that I act like a little kid a lot. I am made fun of it by the high schoolers, but why should I care what they think? It makes me happy to feel like e little kid again, I feel freer. I’ve had a lot of experience working with littler kids. For example, I worked at the roaring springs YMCA day care when I was only in third grade. It wasn’t an official job, but I helped out, and got twenty five cense a day. After that, I got a good amount of jobs babysitting. Once I moved, I could no longer watch those kids. At the start of the 2010-2011 school year however, I met two twins on my bus, and sat with them. They were in kindergarden. They loved talking to me, and always asked me to play trucks or dolls with them. When they asked me to go to their birthday party, I did. And after meeting their mom, I became their babysitter. The kids adore me, and there mother does too.
First off, little kids sometimes seem nicer than teaching a high school class, but they can be worse. They don't have the fully developed...

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