My Dream, My Life Essay

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Khadisia Allen 12/2/13 Mr.Talbot Narrative My dream, My life Since I was a little girl about five years old, I’ve been a cheerleader. I fell in love with this sport. I started off as a recreation cheerleader and then I proceeded to competitive cheerleader. In today’s world, competitive cheerleading is a big deal. It is definitely considered as a sport. When I was ten years old, I realized that my dream was to become a college cheerleader. College cheerleading at the right school is very impressive and it’s something very special to be a part of. When I got accepted to South Ga, I discovered that Valdosta cheerleading team was awesome. I was scared because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to be a part of it because I didn’t go to Valdosta State, it was going to be out of my comfort zone and it was going to be very expensive. When I found out that Valdosta State Cheerleading was very awesome and won 5 national championships at nationals, I was very excited. I had no idea that they would have everything I was looking for. I then came across one problem. Was I going to be able to cheer with them since I was attending South Georgia and not Valdosta? I then called South Georgia and asked, “Can South Georgia students participate in sports with Valdosta?” The lady said, “No, you cannot”. I immediately got sad and was very heartbroken. I was almost positive that my dream and goal was just about to come true. Cheerleading tryouts was coming up also, and I was almost positive I was going to be able to attend. I didn’t give up though. Something deep down in me told me that there was still a chance. I immediately contacted the cheerleading coach. I asked her the same thing and her response was, “Yes sweetie, it’s a lot of people in this program that attend South Georgia. You are very welcomed to tryout.” I was so excited, and gained my happiness back immediately. All my

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