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I envisioned my dream home to be small and realistic. The walls on the outside of my house will be white with a grey tiled roof. This will contrast the beautiful and welcoming green grass in the front yard with colourful roses and palm trees. The shape of the house will be rectangular with an octagon shaped room at each end. These octagon rooms will have a short wall about 3feet high and the rest will be a glass window up to the ceiling. One room will function as mine and hopefully my husband’s bedroom. And the other one on the other end will be my child’s room. As you enter the house there will be the living space with a black TV and black couches, the walls will be cream and the carpet will be cream too. There will be a centre table which will be black made of wood and glass and on one of the walls there will be a window to see the front garden and on the other there will be a collage of family photos. The living space and kitchen will be walk-ins which means it would all be in one room with an island separating the two. The walls in the kitchen section will be wine red with wooden panelling about 3-4feet from the ground. The cabinets will be beige made of wood, and there will be 4 black bar stools on the other side of the island. The kitchen floor will be made of dark wood. All the appliances in the kitchen will be black or grey in colour. In my room there will be a queen size bed with white side tables on each end. My bed will not have a head board because it is glassed. The bedding will be army green and the curtains and short walls will be olive brown. There will be lots of pillows, mainly two big square pillows two standard pillows and two small ones and one round pillow. There will be two armours one for my clothing and the other for my husband. The bathroom will have long beige tiles on the wall set horizontally and the floor will have dark brown tiles.

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