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Hello, everyone, my name is Sherry. Today I am goingt to share with you my great dream. Everyone has a dream. It can be big. It can be small. I have a dream, too. It may be similar to yours. You may ask how my dream started. It all began when I saw this picture on a postcard. It was a picture of the Swan Lake castle in Germany. The view in this picture was beautiful and the building was spectacular. The moment I saw it, i felt so fascinated that I decided, someday, somehow, I would go there and touch the castle myself! Yes, my dream is to travel around the world and be a traveler. I want to go to France and see the Eiffel Tower. I want to go to Italy to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. These are very beautiful places. I have heard many stories about these places, and each place has it own story. They say Paris is the city of love and cute boys. But did you know that there are more dogs in Paris than there are people? Did you know that Spain is famous for their bull fights? While China is famous for the Great Wall and The Forbidden City, and Italy is famous for Venice, the City of Water? I would also like to see the animals around the world! They are so lovable! I want to see the kangaroo and koala’s in Australia, the cute kiwi bird in New Zealand and run with the cheetahs in Africa. The world is so full of lifes and so mysterious. It is full of so many secrets, too! Especially Egypt! After Egyptians die, why are they mummified? Why do they have their organs taken out of their bodies and why do they get their brains sucked out of their noses with a straw? Also, I am so curious when the tomb of Chin Shi Hung can be excavated? Scientist said that it might be the greatest tomb ever in human history! I know I can read about all these places in many books, but I think it is better to experience it myself. This is my dream. So, what is

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