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Many schools have recently pushed to do away with the title of valedictorian altogether, citing “unhealthy competition” as the reason. Eradication of this title would be much unhealthier. Students who previously prospered when competition was present may turn indolent as soon as they realize hard work will still give them the same benefits as students who do not work as hard. Competition prepares students for later life as they compete for jobs, higher salaries, etc. I will concede that the competition is stressful, but this stress can only be beneficial in later life. Stress accumulated in school trains students to deal with difficult situations. Students who are unaccustomed to stress may break under the more serious pressure of a college workload or, if they don’t learn their lesson in college, the pressure of finding a lucrative job and making ends meet. The battle for valedictorian is no more time-consuming than other encouraged activities, such as band, sports, or cheerleading. It is even less so in many circumstances as students who participate in those activities will have to balance both school and extracurricular activities. Another argument against the valedictorian title is that it may cause students to take classes they may not want to take. In most schools, grades are weighted. Advanced Placement classes count as a “5.0” if a student gets an A in the class as opposed to a “4.0” in a regular class. In order to have higher GPAs than others, students have to fill up their schedule with as many AP classes as possible. The concern is that students will not take these classes because they enjoy them but rather to better their averages. Honestly, who enjoys school? Some classes are fun of course, but other classes are labeled as “those” classes. The ones students take just because they have to. There is no shame in doing this. In an ideal society, all

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