My Defining Quality

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My Defining Quality In our lives, there are aspects that are thought to define us. They are our unique roles or undertakings that when mentioned remind people of us. This could be because they are talented or have mastery of the said art or the doing. However, individuals view themselves in a distinct manner that they wish others would acknowledge them from the said perspective. Often, the society categorizes people from the activities they perform the best. The other aspects that are pertinent but are second to the dominant trait are trivialized at the expense of the ones tagged as best. The other aspects that are seen as pertinent by an individual mostly go unnoticed, although they occupy a part of our identity that makes us feel that we belong to a society, and they ought to acknowledge these qualities. As last born in a family of three, members of my family still treat me as a kid, despite being seventeen. In essence, they still call me a kid although I do not require the care of an infant, as they seem to think and act. Additionally, my parents are always calling to inquire how far I am from home. Even though I do not detest the care they seem to manifest, I am compelled to conclude that they still think me as helpless and incapable of being responsible. Conversely, my peers think me as a hero because of the talent I have in football along with the physique of 6’8” and 300 pounds to back up the performance. The quality that I wish people could notice is that I do not judge people from their negative attributes. Since most of the youth are at a critical age where they experiment differently, most of my colleagues are usually victims of various ills. They involve themselves in unethical behaviors that are unacceptable in the societal context. Some are addicted to drugs, whereas others engage in violence that sees them punished
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