My Decission Cross Roads Essay

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My Decision Crossroads Monica Reed * What was an important decision that you made that had significant effects on your life? I was a very smart young lady in high school. There was no reason for me not to go to college directly after. Today I am working backwards to catch up with my life. * What have been the main benefits and disadvantages that you derived from the decision? Honestly there were not any advantages except; I got the chance to start making money and taking care of myself. Disadvantages are a mile long. I lost myself in making fast money and partying. I am focused on bettering myself and life the devil just working hard on me. KARMA is real. * Considering both benefits and disadvantages of the decision, would you say that you made a good decision? No I did not make the best decision and honestly if I could do it again I would. Today I have a story that can change someone else’s life. Today I have a good hustle at heart and know what it takes to make it to the top but the right way. You may not understand but the decisions I have made in life have made me the woman I am today. * Thinking critically about the approach you used to make the decision, what alternative approach might you have used to make it? Could these alternatives have produced a different decision? How? Making decisions like I did have no thought process. I have been taking care of myself for a long time and had no other skills to survive. It was what I had to work with and every time I try to turn my back and do better those decisions sneak back up on me. Today I am stronger and wiser to fight

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