My Days of Leisure Essay

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Those were the days during my 10 grade vacation and I was just flying like a bird in those days. I had complete freedom and there were no restrictions no rules as my exams were just completed. I was completely free. I didn’t had any home work, any assignments, any stress, any worries about tests, I was just like free all the time. I had so much free time that I can do everything possible. The race of my vacation was just at start line and I had 60 days to end up at finish line. During the vacation I used to sleep after 12 o’clock and I wake up only after 11. I enjoyed delicious food made by my mom. I watch television but most of the time I used to be with my friends and we used to hang out together and visit several places to chill out with them. I visited my relative’s houses and also met my cousins. We planned to have a tour to Mt.Abu. I really enjoyed the trip. But there is a proverb that all the days are not similar, now I had just a week to spare for my vacation. I was ready and excited because I was going to new school and I would met there many new friends and new teachers, but at the same time I was sad because I was going to lose my old friends and I would no longer be with them, so I spent most of the remaining time with them. And from this my vacation came to an

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