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Nowadays, many things have changed. One of them is how we learn languages. Without doubt, English is one of the most important languages that people speak around the world. Moreover, it is very necessary when you do business. In this way, new ways to learn English have been developed. However many people around the world prefer 3 ways to study English: traditional class, online learning, and audio lessons. Learning in a traditional environment provides many facilities and interaction with teachers and classmates. This type of learning is very popular around the world. Moreover there are many places where you could take classes. There always are located near schools and universities. And generally, teachers are very friendly. They make their classes fun and enjoyable. And you can ask them for consultation. Besides, students have classes every day. And classes last for about 60 minutes. Online learning offers a flexible way to learn English. You don’t need to go to traditional classrooms to take classes. Instead you can take classes at home or wherever you have internet access. Moreover, classes are very dynamic and enjoyable. You can watch many videos and access to many resources in electronic format. Moreover, teachers are generally young and willing to help you with whatever questions that you have. And what makes online learning very interesting is that you can study when you want or have free time. Audio lessons are an old-fashion way to learn English, but it is still using for many people around the world. Generally, Audio lessons are very affordable and you don’t need to assist to classes. In other words, you can take the lessons where you want. However, you don’t have a teacher that helps you when you have misgivings. Even though audio lessons have this disadvantage, it is a good way to improve your listening skills and pronunciation. Besides, you can study

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