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The day I found out my step-father had cancer was the most life changing news I have known to this day. And being this event took place almost twelve years ago the memory still as fresh today as it was then those many years ago. When writing this assignment I was told to think of a medical situation that happened to me. If a medical provider of any sort explained the condition to me in such a complicated way by use of complex medical terms. At twelve years old it is not hard to admit that the world at large is complicated and complex. So naturally I was a tangled mess of emotions both recognizable and oddly enough unknown to me. The affliction was stomach cancer. The cause, a plethora of life experiences my dad had done for survival and to ensure the well-being of his family. With a combination of unhealthy habits that latched onto him draining his chances of winning a battle that I can only describe as epic. I remember being with my mom when the doctor came into the room and explained the disease had apparently been eating at my dad surreptitiously for months. As for the rest of the explanation I couldn’t understand it. My mom actually was a new RN graduate so I think that is why the medical jargon was affluent which I believe was contributing to my confused anger of trying hard to understand what was happening to my best friend. The physician didn’t try to explain it to me because I was under such an amount of unfamiliar stress coping was not an option then. But when I got home my mother was able to explain it to me that my father slowly suffered and silence and because of this delay to seek medical care it had progressed to the point treatment (which he did get) was mere gamble if his health would improve. The terminology or “language” that health care providers use to communicate with family is a barrier. Multiple studies document that physicians’ use of

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