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My Dad My dad passed away Fathers Day 1998 leaving many memories and words of wisdom to follow. He touched many people by his actions and words always kind, caring and willing to help anyone and to be that person you can look up to and love . I grew up knowing if you want something that its never out of arms reach . " You need to believe and never say you cant do anything " those are the words I live by because I hear my dad say that over and over in my head . I was raised on those words since i was a child . I had a dream and I made that dream come true by never giving up he would always say. My Father despite only having a third grade education was the smartest man I have ever known. He started out with nothing but a goal he set for himself early as a child and he became very well known for being the most honest and reliable mechanic and car builder in the Kentucky area . I hear different stories about him just about on a daily basis . I feel proud to be his daughter and to know that he was loved by all that knew him. I guess growing up as a child in a family of six other children and being dirt poor made him that much more determined to be someone that could set an example that you can do anything that you set your mind to and he did just that . When he was 16 he started his first job at Sam Ferrells Truck Stop on Stanford Road in Danville Kentucky . The job was just general maintenance at first but he soon worked his way up to being their top mechanic . He learned all he could by self educating himself and trying different things to make these cars run better than ever . By the time he was age 22 he had his own business " Junebugs Garage " and while while working on daily drivers he added a more interesting project he started working on race

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