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It has been five years since I have spoken to my father. I was ten years old when my parents got a divorce. My Mom eventually remarried, however my dad didn’t. After they split, I felt that I wasn’t a part of his new life. We had our problems like any relationship between children and parents, but most of the problems resulted from his lack of interest in my life. We would disagree on many things because of this.. I know that it is easy to disagree with a parent at any time, however it is even more so when the parent is no longer living under the same roof and is distant. Since the day that he left our relationship drifted downhill. I thought he was so strong and would always stand up for what he believed in and wanted. He used to think that I was his world. I soon realized that wasn’t true. He should have made decisions that concerned our relationship and me but he didn’t. I never dreamed the day would come when someone would come between one of my parents and I, at most one of my parents. I felt that I was being treated unfairly. I was supposed to be dad’s buddy. I always thought that I would come first. The life with my mom was the exact opposite. I came first and still do in her life. She was remarried and that didn’t change the fact that I was number one on her list. I look at the days and memories with my dad and notice that somewhere along the way he got sidetracked of what was important to him. I know my thoughts seem childish, but I was hurt and felt that I had been treated unfairly. All I could think was: “What had I done to make him not love me”. As a young child, everyone wants to fit in with his or her friends. Most of my friends’ parents were not divorced. They would have stories to tell about spending the day with their family. When it came time for me to share a story I would have one and it was great because it was about me and my mom,

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