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My dad was not usually the type to talk about much, especially about his past. I knew some things about his background: He left Hungary in 1956, after the Revolution. He had fought with the rebels in Budapest. When he settled in France, he left behind his parents and 11 brothers and sisters. That was all I knew. When I turned fourteen, my dad began to tell me more. He thought I was old enough to hear about his role in the Hungar- ian Revolution. The Revolution started as a student protest against the Communists in October of 1956. It ended in Novem- ber when Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest and crushed the rebel- lion. My father, who was only 22 years old, served in the rebel army. I wanted to know all the details. How did he get involved? How did he escape? But the question I most wanted to know was this: Why did he fight? I wanted to know how a young man could believe in something so strongly that he was willing to die for it. My dad gave a lot of reasons for his role in the rebellion. First, the Communists were ruining the economy. Even though he worked as a toolmaker, my dad could not always afford to buy clothes or food. “But what I really could not live with,” he said, “was not being able to say what I wanted.” If you spoke up against the government, you could go to jail, or worse. Today, my dad sometimes complains about France. He says that the politicians are crooked, criminals have too many rights, and parents are not strict enough with their children. But I don’t need to remind him that at least in his new country, he can com- plain as loudly as he

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